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The present Terms and Conditions of Use have been enacted and the website ergonbuild.com is provided by the company ERGON Construstions (hereinafter the “Company”), with registered offices in Larisa, Iroon Polytechneiou 164, tel +30 2410 555845. All references to “we” in the present Terms and Conditions refer to the Company.



1.1. The present Terms and Conditions (called hereinafter the “Terms”) set forth the provisions that govern the use of the website (called hereinafter “the Website”), in order to ensure its smooth operation. Please read carefully the Terms before using the Website. If you do not agree with these Terms, do not use the Website.

1.2. Your access to this Website confirms that you have fully understood all provisions that are mentioned hereinafter and that you totally agree with these Terms.

1.3. The Terms can be amended at any time, without prior notice and by publication herein, the amended terms will be applicable to all users. Thus, it is advised that you frequently review these Terms and Conditions.



2.1. The Website may use certain absolutely technical necessary cookies for the operation of the Website. These cookies according to Law 3741/2006 and the Hellenic Personal Data Protection Authority are excluded from the obligation of notice and receipt of approval of the subscriber or user, as long as they are considered technical necessary for the connection to the Website or the provision of the network service. Such cookies are cookies that are necessary for the identification or/and the maintenance of content that the subscriber or the user inserts during the use of the Website, cookies that are necessary for the authentication of the subscriber or the user in respct of services that require authentication, cookies that are installed for the security of the subscriber or the user, cookies with multimedia content, etc.

2.2. Privacy Policy & GDPR Compliance



3.1. All information, documents, products and services, trademarks, logos, graphics and images which are provided by the Website, constitute intellectual property rights and exclusive property of our Company. Any non-authorized use of any file or data that is included in the Website may constitute violation of intellectual property, trademark protection and/or personal data laws.

3.2. Unless otherwise agreed, intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual, industrial or proprietary property rights in all software, source codes and in any other content in our Website (including without limitation photos and graphics) belong to the Company or to its licensors. Unless otherwise provided hereby, any reproduction, distribution, amendment or use of any extract or of the trademarks and the logos of the Website for commercial or for any other use is forbidden. If you violate any of these Terms, the right of use of the Website is automatically revoked and you have the obligation to destroy immediately all data or/and extracts, which you may have downloaded or printed from our Website.

3.3. Unless otherwise provided herein, no part of our Website can be saved in any other Website or be included in any public or private retrieval electronic system or service, without our prior written consent. We reserve any legal right of ours which is not included and/or not granted to us explicitly by these Terms.



4.1. Certain other Websites’ links and addresses are provided solely for your personal convenience. When you use these links, you will be redirected to another website, outside of our Website. It is explicitly stated by these Terms that all links or addresses that are provided by third parties have not been reviewed from our Company and the Company is not responsible, is under no such obligation and has no direct or indirect liability regarding these websites and their content. For this purpose, we do not recommend or make any presentation of those websites or of their content or of the results that can be achieved by their use. In the event that you select to visit any of the websites that are mentioned in our Website, you do this on your exclusive and personal responsibility and the Company does not bear any direct or indirect liability.

4.2. It is explicitly stated herewith that the reference and interconnection of any link to our Website is forbidden, without our prior written consent.



5.1. The Company will make reasonable efforts (a) to ensure that the operation of the Website is available to the users without unreasonable interruption, pause or delay and (b) to minimize any interruption, pause or delay of its operation. However, the Company does not guarantee that the use of the Website will be uninterrupted or free from errors. The access to the Website can be suspended temporarily and without notice in case of a system failure or maintenance failure or for reasons beyond the Company’s control. The Company disclaims any liability related to the limited time period, the deletion, the bad performance or the failure of electronic storage of any users’ data and/or of any contents of the Website.

5.2. The Company is not liable for any direct or indirect damages, actual damages or loss of profits of the users-visitors of our Website, which is due to illegal acts of third parties (such as bugging or decoding of passwords and data), to the spread of viruses during the use of the Website or to the download of data or to problems, that may arise during the use of computers (such as loss of data, etc.).

5.3. The Company takes every appropriate measure in order for the data and the information that are included in the Website to be complete and accurate, but does not guarantee the accuracy, completion, precision and credibility of the above data and information and is not liable towards the users or third parties for any damage due to such incorrectness or inaccuracy. Furthermore, the Company may amend at any time and without prior written notice the content and the information that are included in the Website regarding the products and/or the services. The content of the Website may not be totally up-to-date and the Company is under no such obligation and has no respective liability for this reason.

5.4. The services and all data and information are provided by the Company “as is” and the Company disclaims explicitly any warranty, explicit or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, in respect of any service, product or information. The Company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, actual, consequential, special damage or for loss of profits regarding the services, the products and all data and information.

5.5. As user/ visitor, you are responsible and liable for the access to the services of the Website and the respective access may require payment of charges to third party providers (such as providers of services, internet, time charges for internet use, etc.). As user/visitor, you are exclusive liable for the payment of the respective charges.



6.1. These Terms and Conditions and the use of this Website are governed by Greek laws. Any dispute arising from the use or/and the content of this Website will be exclusively resolved by the Courts of Larisa.